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Economic Report of the President - 1995+

Council of Economic Advisors

Office of Management & Budget



Congressional Budget Office

*Congress: Joint Economic Committee - major studies

*House Committees - Budget, Small Business, Ways & Means, etc.

*Senate Committee - Budget, Finance, Small Business, etc.

General Accounting Office


Economic Research Service - national and state data for agriculture and nutrition health (Dept. of Agriculture)

Securities & Exchange Commission - information about companies filed with the SEC ; includes EDGAR Database

Fed in Print: an Index to Federal Reserve Economic Research - Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Fedwest Gateway

Small Business Administration - starting and financing your business, opportunities, etc.

Treasury Department - accounting, budget, markets, international, etc.



Bureau of Economic Analysis - Commerce Dept.

Budget of the U.S. - current Economic Indicators - 1995 U.S. Congress

Economics and Statistics Administration - various commonly used economic indicators

U.S. Import/Export History 1989- to launch database and Import/Export Price Indexes

Employment Statistics - Bureau of Labor Statistics

Macroeconomic Time Series Data Source Locator - historical macroeconomic statistics (University of Chicago Library)

FRED - an economic time-series database (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)

Economic Statistics Briefing Room - current major economic indicators (White House)



NAICS - North American Industry Classification System

SIC - Standard Industrial Classification Codes



Cost-of-Living Comparisons - click salary/Cost-of-Living Data

Economic Indicators - The Dismal Scientist

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