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See also Nanotechnology



  • Math, Physics, & Chemistry - science.gov links for Astrophysics, Chemicals, Mathematical Modeling ...
  • Chemistry and Materials: Research Overview - looks at the sciences of stuff and some of the greatest challenges in the field today: understanding "emergence" (when the whole adds up to much more than the sum of its parts), creating new materials (high-strength plastics, superconductors, photovoltaic devices), mimicking products and processes of nature, and finding green ways to manufacture products, create chemical reactions, treat waste, and generate energy.
  • Chemistry - simulations of thermodynamics, states of matter, water, and reactions. See interactive visualizations of Brownian motion, diffusion and osmosis, ion transport, distillation, motion of greenhouse gases, liquid-solid comparisons, intermolecular forces, chemical reactions, explosion, and more. (National Science Foundation)











  • ChemLinks Coalition - offers resources for the first 2 years of college chemistry; topics include global warming, ozone, fats in our diet, computer chip thermochemistry, making water safe to drink, what's in a star, acid rain, reducing air pollution from automobiles, copper, & building a better CD player (getting light out of a solid).
  • ChemTechLinks - features resources for training chemical technicians: instructional materials, industry standards, professional development opportunities, chemical technician careers & salaries, molecule of the week, chemistry in the news, a newsletter, & answers to questions such as "Why are some schools considering a ban on soda machines?"

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