Engineering Is Elementary - provides lessons & overviews on acoustical engineering, agricultural engineering (insects), civil engineering (balance & forces), environmental engineering (water), industrial engineering (simple machines), materials engineering (earth materials), mechanical engineering (air & weather).


New Jersey Center for Advanced Technological Education - provides 2 instructional modules that integrate mechanical, computer, & electronics technology: a golf course module & a fairground rides module. The Center also offers a curriculum model for engineering & science technology disciplines, professional development for teachers, competitions for students, & course descriptions.


South Carolina Advanced Technological Education - features resources on engineering technology as a career: frequently asked questions, facts on engineering technology, salaries & job openings, information on creating a resume & cover letter, interview tips, & a streaming video featuring women engineers.



NASA Robotics - invites students & teachers to start robotics teams, "botball" teams, & enter robotics competitions. Take online courses in robotics. Follow along with scientists who are developing technologies to drill for life on Mars. Find lessons for teaching robotics & related topics.



TeachEngineering - provides more than 500 lessons and activities for teaching engineering content in K-12 science and math classes. Topics include oil and energy consumption, water and electricity, mass and volume, various energy sources, heat transfer, solar heating systems, collisions and momentum, electrons, cellular respiration, biomedical engineering, and more.