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Foreign Affairs

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See also Foreign and National Security



Dept. of State Electronic Research Collection - Foreign Affairs Network (DOSFAN) archival site


Foreign Affairs Online - massive collection of several thousand links to important sites for the study of international relations

Frontline Diplomacy - opens a window into the lives of American diplomats and U.S. foreign policy -- how it is formulated in Washington and implemented at our embassies abroad; Transcripts of more than 1,300 interviews with U.S. diplomatic personnel capture their experiences, motivations, personal analysis, and private thoughts. (Library of Congress)


Council of Foreign Relations - nonpartisan think tank to help understanding of complex modern issues affect national security and peace


Foreign Relations of the United States


each volume documents the major foreign policy decisions and diplomatic activity of the U.S. government and contains declassified records from the White House, the State Dept, and other foreign affairs agencies; Located at S 1.1:

Foreign Relations of the US - 1861-1960 online (University of Wisconsin)

Foreign Relations of the US - 1961-1972 search 350+ volumes,


State Magazine - from the State Dept to facilitate communication between management and employees at home and abroad and to acquaint employees with developments that may affect operations or personnel.




Foreign Broadcast Information Service Reports & Joint Publications Research Service Reports

For CC & library users only use A-Z database list for FBIS and World News Connection

See the Using FBIS and JPRS Guide



Department of State International Information Programs


State Department Daily Press Briefings


U.S. Institute of Peace - publications feature analyses and policy recommendations on current international affairs issues, particularly on the prevention and resolution of conflict. Recent publications focus on Iran's internal politics and influence in the Middle East, Iraq's Interior Ministry, civilian casualties in Afghanistan, democracy in Egypt, why we should still study the Cuban Missile Crisis, the conflict in the Niger Delta, Bosnia and the EU, peace prospects in Lebanon, and more.


Immigration and Naturalization Service - provides a detailed history of a given country and identifies all of the groups at risk for human rights abuses--from the Department of Justice


Initiative on Conflict Resolution (INCORE) - country guides provide scholarly information on ethnic conflicts in a few selected countries


USAID's Development Experience Clearinghouse USAID funded technical and program documentation, with over 52400 documents available for electronic download


America's Overseas Presence in the 21st Century - the Overseas Presence Advisory Panel (OPAP) is evaluating how best to organize and manage the United States overseas presence represented by thirty Federal agencies (excluding military) to reflect recent changes in technology, and world politics and economy


Annual Budget Requests -

  • Summary and Highlights provides information about the International Affairs category of the federal budget, called Function 150, which includes funding for the programs and activities of four cabinet departments, seven independent agencies, three foundations, and numerous other international organizations.
  • Budget in Brief provides more specific information about the Department of State budget.
  • Congressional Budget Justification provides detailed information about the Foreign Operations portion of Function 150



Diplomatic List - contains the names of the members of the diplomatic staffs of all missions and their spouses

Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts - lists key officers (telephone and fax numbers) for U.S. agencies at Foreign Service posts who assist American business representatives around the world

Foreign Consular Offices in the US - contains a complete and official listing of the foreign consular offices and officers



Diplomacy Monitor - tracking Internet-based Global Diplomacy {St. Thomas Univeristy School of Law }

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