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See also Colorado and Law


State Master - rank states from best to worst using a series of pull-down menus; broad categories include crime, economics, education, health, housing, immigration, labor, and demographics. Some of the more "unusual data" includes the number of illegal immigrants, electrocutions v. lethal injections, students scoring above average on 4th grad math, alligator attacks and flu shots, and state birds. Data can be illustrated with a bar graph, pie chart, or map


Stateline.Org - the lastest news from each state culled primarily from regional newspapers


State & Local Government on the Net - government sponsored Internet sites (Piper Resource)


50 State Bluebook Guide - links to state government manuals


Compilation of State Government Information - (Southeastern Louisiana University)


Council of State Governments


State Politics and Policy Quarterly Data Resource - (University of Lincoln Nebraska)




State Agency Databases - arranged by state plus the District of Columbia; databases of useful information on businesses, licensed professionals, plots of land, even dates of fish stocking




FINDLAW:Cases and Codes - courts and codes, statutes - bills


CC users use the A-Z database list for Acamedic Universe (Lexix-Nexis) Legal Research to get state case law and Statutory laws, court rules & Attorneys General opinions



Codes.gov - state and city level administrative code materials from across the country

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