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See also Fossils and Geology



Minerals Yearbook - all 3 volumes: Metals and Minerals, and area reports for US and International



Rocks and Images - sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks; information about rock, minerals, and fossils.


Rocks and Minerals - introductory information about rocks and minerals with a glossary of commonly-used geology terms.


Mineral Resources On-Line Spatial Data - view maps and download data for the U.S. and the World.


Lifecycle of a Mineral Deposit - (teacher's guide) basic geologic concepts; the processes of finding, identifying, and extracting the resources from a mineral deposit; and the uses of minerals; defines what a mineral deposit is and how it is identified and measured, how the mineral resources are extracted, and how the mining site is reclaimed; how minerals and mineral resources are processed; and how we use mineral resources in our every day lives.


Minerals Management Service - kid's page offering activities for learning about tidepools, energy, sea water, ocean sand & gravel, drilling for oil in the ocean, & historic shipwrecks of the Gulf of Mexico. (DOI)


Impact on Society

Natural Aggregate: A Primer - describes the origins of sand, gravel, and crushed stone and their uses and importance to society.


Historic Events in Minerals and Materials - report provides a review of significant changes in industries that consume metals and industrial minerals. It includes a timeline showing major achievements in mineral production and events that affected the U.S. mineral industry. These are related to overall U.S. mineral consumption and years of war or recession.


Building Stones of Our Nation's Capital - publication provides descriptions and examples of all the kinds of stone used in the buildings and monuments in the Washington DC area, and discusses the impact of acid precipitation on our national landmarks.



Minerals in our Environment - report consists of a PDF file of a color poster (36x60 inches) showing how we use minerals in our everyday life.

Mineral Resources: Out of the Ground, Into our Daily Lives - poster show the common usage of mineral resources in our homes, offices, and equipment we use daily.

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