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See also Census, Data, and Demographics as well as subject pages


General Databases



State and Local




Business and Economics

  • Economic Indicators - from the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee and the Council of Economic Advisors
  • Stat-USA - databases included are: National Trade Data Bank, Economic Bulletin Board, Global Business Procurement Opportunities, and Bureau of Economic Analysis Economic Information; password required, see reference desk to get logged-in
  • Economic Statistics Briefing Room - current federal economic indicators provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • FRED Index - Federal Reserve Bank Statistics



  • ChildStats.gov - the official Web site of the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics







  • Energy Info Admin. - unbiased egeryg data, analysis and forecasting for petroleum, natural gas, electricity, coal, renewable adn alternative fuels, and nuclear





  • Statistics - from the Immigration and Naturalization Service



  • InfoNation from the United Nations
  • UNSTATS - statistical compilation for the United Nations - contains selected data series from 30 specialized international sources, including labor, agricultural, nutritional, and industrial statistics; years of coverage (1958 - current) vary with data series/countries selected
  • Facts on International Relations and Security Trend (FIRST), factbook/database from Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Includes stats and facts on military expenditures; arms production and trade; memberships, agreements, and events; conflicts and peace keeping activities; and political system and country indicators
  • International Data Base - U.S. Census Bureau
  • Statistical Resources Foreign and International Economics- one of the best sites, this University of Michigan site is focused on statistical resources on the Web for foreign and international economics






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